Like a Phoenix rising … So does this blog.

unnamedSimply put Life Gets in the Way. However no excuses though, I should be writing more.

My hope is that this blog becomes more of a dialog and exploration of ideas rather than just my view. I do not have all the answers. I do have a lot of questions. And I believe the only way we get to answers and great ideas is by open communication, collaboration and contribution  – the 3 Cs. I also believe in that in a “large sample size” is needed to validate hypothesis , and that my sample size is small.

Let me start with a quick Bio of myself to show all my journey past , present and future.

Manny Rodriguez-Perez

Manuel “Manny” Rodriguez-Perez is a Digital Business Lead and technology strategist at Dell EMC. Manny draws on 20 years of Enterprise IT experience to advise customers on how new technology, organizational transformation, and IT governance can enable business initiatives. He has a patent on secure Smart Grid / IoT infrastructure from his work at a leading utility company. Manny has led the infrastructure service delivery practice at a Fortune 200 and has architected a multi-data datacenter hybrid cloud solution to support ITaaS at a global security company. He also developed the initial Sarbanes-Oxley computing controls for a public company and successfully coordinated multiple audits. Manny’s current areas of focus are next generation platforms to support digital business and applying operations management methodology to improve IT delivery.



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